Friday, January 31, 2014

If old age is marked by the conceit that what you have to say is so important you must share it with everyone, and youth is characterized by incautiousness and an addiction to novelty, then the clearest evidence of middle age is...


So here we go, but first, a legal disclaimer...

I, David Rendelstein D.C., being of arguably sound mind and shrinking body mass index, take no responsibility for anything I write on this blog unless it is witty, sensible, elbow-your-friend-in-the-ribs funny or inspires the reader to reach beyond his self imposed limitatations toward a heretofore unrealiazed and unprecedented vitality, in which case- yeah I said it.

I promise not to offend anybody except for the dour, self righteous, easily offendable or those engaged in the pracice of sophistry.  If, in the eyes of the readers, I am adjudicated to be guilty of dourness, self righteousness, offense-taking or accidental engagement in the practice of sophistry, I promise to make swift amends and reparations (spiritual, not financial).

I promise guidance when possible, provocation when not...
To lose weight and gain hope,
To gain understanding and lose fear
To lose inhibition and gain consciousness (not the other way around).

I hope to help you navigate when I have been there and know the way, and to accept your direction when I am lost and you're the one holding the map.

This blog is informational only.  Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted as an attempt to diagnose or treat any disease or condition.  Any pleasure, entertainment or inspiration derived by the reader is purely accidental and shall not be held against the author or any of his affiliates.

Thank you.

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